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Pedestrian killed while waiting to cross the street

A pedestrian in Phoenix was reportedly killed while waiting to cross the street on December 30th at around 5:00 p.m. It was said that this individual was struck and killed by a car while standing on the corner.

Apparently a car traveling westbound on Greenway Parkway attempted to make a left-hand turn onto 29th Street. This car was subsequently struck by another vehicle and then one of the two cars involved in the collision struck the 37-year-old pedestrian. The pedestrian was declared dead at the scene of the crash. The drivers of the vehicle were said to have suffered minor injuries.

Police verified that this pedestrian was doing nothing more than waiting to cross the street. Unfortunately pedestrians are often injured or killed due to the actions of drivers who may not be taking all the necessary precautions to avoid an accident from taking place.

Victims and their family members are often unclear where to turn when it comes to these sorts of accidents. These accidents can be sudden and lead to traumatic consequences. Victims may be faced with a large number of expenses concerning medical expenses, other services, etc.

Also, the inability to return to work can lead to a number of consequences as well. Others are often dependent upon the injured person both for financial and emotional support. There may be a number of immediate financial needs that will have to be met as well.

Attorneys can make certain that such victims do receive the compensation they deserve when injured in a car accident due to the negligence of others. They can also answer questions and provide advice concerning all aspects of litigation.

Source:, “Bystander killed in NE Phoenix car accident identified,” Tami Hoey, Dec. 31, 2013

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