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Pedestrian suffers serious injuries after car strikes him

A pedestrian was struck by a car in Phoenix after he entered the intersection against the traffic signal. The pedestrian was hospitalized in critical condition, and the driver of the vehicle involved remained at the scene to talk with police. It seems as though the driver was sober and that the pedestrian, who was wearing dark clothing, simply made a poor choice to walk across the street when he didn’t have the signal in his favor.

Other than these notes, there aren’t many other details being released about the incident. It appears to simply be an unfortunate incident. But we can still learn from even a crash like this.

First and foremost, it is already obvious that pedestrians are extremely vulnerable out on the road. It is easy to conclude, then, that drivers need to be very aware and cautious when they approach intersections, so as to not strike a pedestrian.

However, there is another side to this coin: pedestrians need to be safe and respectful too. Wearing dark clothing at night, crossing against the light and other negligent jaywalking actions only increase the chance that a pedestrian gets into an accident — and no one wants that.

With that said, we return to our original point: people who are involved in pedestrian accidents often suffer terrible injuries that change their life forever. They can’t work for extended periods; they have major medical bills to deal with; and the general pain and suffering they endure can be incalculable. These victims need to consider their legal options in the wake of such an accident., “Phoenix car-pedestrian accident leaves man critical,” Brenda Carrasco, Feb. 19, 2014

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