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Phoenix car crash under investigation, numerous people hurt

A car accident in Phoenix left at least three people injured and an entire community wondering how, exactly, the car accident occurred. No details were released by the police in the wake of the crash, but once they are done with their investigation more information will be made available.

What is known is that both vehicles had damage to the front end, suggesting that they collided with each other head-on. Other than that, little is known. A video of the car accident scene shows myriad emergency responders tending to some injured people on the sidewalk. It is possible that one of the vehicles was attempting to make a turn before an oncoming car struck it.

Until more information is released, it is impossible to know exactly what happened. What is undeniable though is that motor vehicle accidents like this happen all the time, leaving people with serious or even catastrophic injuries that change their life forever. Discovering who is at fault for the crash is very important, because the victims of the accident may want to file a personal injury lawsuit to try to reclaim necessary funds to pay for medical bills and pain and suffering.

This is yet another reminder to pay attention when you are out on the road. Even if you are not fiddling with the radio, a GPS device or your cellphone, you still need to have your focus entirely devoted to the road. Otherwise, unfortunate motor vehicle accidents — much like this one — can occur.

Source:, “Multiple injuries reported in west Phoenix crash,” Brenda Carrasco and Clarissa Cooper, May 7, 2014

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