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Road rage and young drivers

As we have noted in a number of our posts, the summer is the best time of year for young drivers. There’s no school, so there is more time to drive around and hang out with friends. However, graduated licensing rules are in effect for young drivers, which is supposed to limit the amount of time (and the number of passengers) they are supposed to have in the car at one time.

Despite the rules meant to protect young drivers, they are still apt to develop bad driving habits; particularly road rage. It remains to be seen whether road rage is an inherent condition or simply learned behavior, but there are a few things that drivers can be aware of to determine if they are susceptible to road rage.  This post will highlight some of them

Do you tailgate or try to beat red lights? – Part of the thrill of driving, is driving fast. In these instances, young drivers more be apt to drive hard, ride other drivers’ bumpers and try to beat red lights. These are telltale signs of aggressive driving, which can lead to road rage.

Do you honk your horn often? – Horns are usually used to warn other drivers of hazards they may not see. However, horns can be used as extensions of our frustration. This can also be a symptom of road rage.

Do you yell at other drivers? – Just like when people yell at the television during a sporting event, drivers may yell at their counterparts (even with the windows rolled up). Losing your temper behind the wheel may signal road rage.

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