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Rollover accident claims life in Phoenix, 1 injured

A rollover car accident in Phoenix, Arizona left one person dead and another person injured. The crash occurred after the 29-year-old driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle and crossed the center median. Eventually the vehicle rolled over and a 31-year-old passenger in the vehicle was killed. The 29-year-old was injured in the crash but he should be alright.

There are few other details about this crash and the police are trying to determine how and why the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle.

While there wasn’t another vehicle involved in this crash, rollover accidents often do involve more than one vehicle — and their effects can be devastating. Because rollover accidents inherently involve a motion that spills the vehicle on its side or top, the passengers inside are susceptible to serious injuries. Their head and neck become very vulnerable in these accidents, and they can suffer traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries that change their life forever.

These injuries can leave a person with a lifetime of medical bills to pay. If the accident occurred under negligent circumstances, the victim of such an accident should consider legal action not only to hold that person accountable for what they did, but also to help them pay for the unending medical expenses they have racked up as a result of the reckless driver’s negligence.

Rollover accidents pose a unique threat to the people inside the vehicle, and those who are hurt in such an accident need to keep their legal options in mind in the wake of such an incident.

Source: KPHO, “1 dead in Phoenix rollover accident,” Phil Benson, May 6, 2014

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