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Rollover wreck in Phoenix injures 5 people, 4 seriously

Five people in Phoenix were injured after a tire blowout caused their vehicle to swerve out of control and into oncoming traffic. The vehicle eventually came to a stop, but not before it rolled over and tossed multiple people out of it. According to officials at the Arizona Department for Public Safety, two kids and two adults were hospitalized with serious injuries, while a fifth person was “less seriously injured.”

Because of the tire blowout and the rolling nature of the accident, the vehicle actually jumped the center median before coming to a stop.

Now, even though this is a one-vehicle accident, there are still a couple of things we can learn from this wreck. The first is that, with so many car accidents occurring every year, it is easy to forget how traumatic the injuries suffered by car accident victims can be. These injuries can leave the victims hobbled for months, or even years. They can be in immense pain, and they may have to miss an extensive period of work.

If you are a part of such an accident, and another driver was negligent in some way, your pain and suffering could be referenced in a civil lawsuit — one that garners you much-needed compensation for your medical condition (and subsequent bills).

The other aspect to this crash is the fact that it was a rollover accident. These types of crashes can be especially threatening to the head and neck area of the people inside the rolling vehicle. The roof of the vehicle can collapse and hit them, causing brain or spinal cord injuries. These can forever change a person’s life — and just like the injuries mentioned in the above paragraphs, brain and spinal cord injuries can warrant substantial compensation in a civil case.

Source: Associated Press, “2 adults, 3 kids hospitalized after rollover crash on I-10,” Jan. 2, 2013

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