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Safe driving tips for new car owners

For Arizonans, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, since many school age kids will return to school (if they haven’t already). It also marks the last weekend that particular model years of vehicles will be sold, as the newest models will be ushered in. As such, there will be a higher number of car sales this weekend.

New car owners have to be wary of how safe their cars will be. With that, we offer the following tips to prospective new car owners.

Drive for the car’s purpose – Chances are that you are buying a car for a specific purpose (i.e. transporting kids to activities, saving money on gas, or being seen). But you should not drive a minivan as if it were a sports car. As such, it is wise to drive the car with the purpose in mind.

Understand your car’s braking systems – It is also helpful to know how your car will react in emergency situations. Of course, you don’t have to know the exact specifications of your car’s stopping distance (even though the salesman will probably tell you about it), but knowing that you will be able to stop within a certain estimate is helpful.

Avoid technological distractions – Chances are that your new car will have the latest in interactive technologies that will allow you to control your smartphone, find directions and even send text messages without typing. Nevertheless, avoiding technical distractions is important in staying out of accidents. This is especially important when purchasing cars for young drivers.

If you have questions about civil liability in the event of an accident caused through these factors, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.


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