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Should parents have summer driving discussions with their kids

In Arizona, the summer seems to last all year; but the reality is that summer vacation really defines how young drivers embrace their new found freedom. Without having to go to school, there is more time to hang out with friends, earn spending money through part-time jobs and to sleep in. Such is the life of a teenager.

With all the good things that come with summer vacation, there are also downsides. Law enforcement agencies call the time of year between Memorial Day and Labor Day the 100 deadliest days of summer. This is likely because the number of younger drivers on the road increases, and they are driving for longer periods of time (because there is no school), even when they may not allowed to do so under Arizona’s graduated driving requirements.

With these dangers, it is important for parents and their teen drivers (as well as college aged drivers) to have continuing conversations about the dangers that face them every time they get behind the wheel; especially given their propensity to drive about the speed limit, to text and drive and to experiment with alcohol and illegal drugs.

Indeed, the potential life-changing injuries should be enough to change a person’s driving (and living) habits; but it is also common for young people to have a certain air of indestructibility and may not understand that they could be involved in a crash. As such, having frank conversations about the responsibilities of using reasonable care while driving can save a life.

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