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Speeding, drinking possibly involved in Phoenix car accident

A teenage driver could be in a lot of trouble after he played a role in a serious car accident in Phoenix, Arizona recently. An 18-year-old was in a car with a 16-year-old passenger, when they clipped another vehicle. The teens’ car ran across a sidewalk and eventually stopped in a dirt field; while the vehicle they hit spun around and remained on the road.

The 16-year-old fled the scene, hiding out in a store before police eventually found him. The 18-year-old remained at the scene of the car accident. A woman in the car that was struck suffered a serious head injury and was hospitalized. Two other people were hurt, leaving five injured as a result of the crash.

While the accident is under investigation, police believe that speeding and alcohol were involved in the crash. Teenage drivers are already one of the most accident-prone demographics on the road — both by their inherently inexperienced nature, and because of their “youthful exuberance,” shall we say. However, speeding and drinking are two reckless and negligent actions that everyone should know are illegal.

The woman who suffered the serious head injury may have had her life permanently changed. She may not be able to do the things she was able to do prior to this crash. That won’t just affect her physically and mentally, but emotionally too. Accident victims often deal with immense suffering after such a wreck, especially one caused by an irresponsible act. The pain and suffering dealt to accident victims can be referenced in a civil lawsuit that seeks damages and compensation due to the reckless party’s actions.

Source:, “5 hurt, 1 critical after Chandler car crash,” Christina O’Haver, Jan. 11, 2014

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