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The Crossroads of Risk: A Close Look at 5060 W Camelback Rd, Glendale, AZ 85301

Striking Statistics: 201 Crashes from 2017-2021

As reported by, the intersection at 5060 W Camelback Rd accounted for a staggering 201 crashes between 2017 and 2021. This troubling figure puts the intersection firmly among the top ten most dangerous intersections within Maricopa County. With an annual average nearing 40 crashes, this crossroad is undoubtedly a locus of concern for motorists.

Troubling Title: The Most Dangerous Intersection in the Zip Code

Not only does the intersection at 5060 W Camelback Rd feature prominently among Maricopa County’s accident hotspots, but it also holds the unfortunate distinction of being the most dangerous intersection within its zip code – 85301. But what factors contribute to this location’s exceptionally high accident rate?

Key Factors Contributing to Intersection Accidents

There are several reasons why certain intersections tend to accumulate higher accident counts. These include:

1. Proximity to Commercial Areas

5060 W Camelback Rd is in close proximity to several commercial areas, which means heavy traffic influx during peak hours. Additionally, drivers unfamiliar with the area visiting these establishments might miss traffic signals or misjudge road conditions.

2. Insufficient Lighting

Inadequate lighting at the intersection, especially during the night or poor weather conditions, can make it harder for drivers to see traffic signals or other vehicles, contributing to the risk of accidents.

3. Frequent Lane Changes

The intersection has several feeder lanes, leading to frequent lane changes. This dynamic environment increases the chances of collisions as drivers often underestimate the speeds of other vehicles or fail to notice them in their blind spots.

4. Pedestrian Activity

This intersection sees significant pedestrian activity due to nearby commercial and residential zones. Drivers may be distracted by the volume of pedestrian traffic or fail to yield the right of way, leading to potential accidents.

5. Limited Enforcement

Possibly due to constraints in resources, there may be limited enforcement of traffic rules at this intersection. This situation can encourage reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, illegal turns, and red-light running.

Enhancing Safety at 5060 W Camelback Rd

Despite the concerning statistics, there are strategies for improving safety at this intersection. Regular road maintenance, improved signage, stricter law enforcement, and awareness campaigns on safe driving practices can all play significant roles in reducing the risk of accidents.

Maricopa County’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

To gain a better understanding of the risk areas in our community, you can check out this link which provides a comprehensive map detailing Maricopa County’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections.

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