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The dangers of motorcycle riding

The weather is definitely getting warmer in Arizona. This may be too much for snowbirds and tourists, but for many native Arizonans, the weather is just right. It may even inspire motorcycle riders to get on the road. When they do, however, safety is the key. After all, riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling adventure, but the thrills can quickly be dwarfed by the dangers of a crash.

In fact, a crash involving to riders on one motorcycle and an SUV exemplifies this danger. According to an report, the motorcycle reported crashed into an SUV at an intersection. The crash is still under investigation, so it is unknown whether both vehicles were in motion or whether one of the vehicles was speeding.

The investigation is going to be critical, as it will reveal who (either the motorcycle rider or the driver) was actually at fault. Essentially, if it is found that the driver failed to use reasonable care (either by texting while driving, drinking and driving, or simply driving without regard to other people’s safety) the driver could be held liable. This would enable an injured rider to seek monetary compensation for their injuries, including compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.

Proving fault is invaluable in personal injury cases. Without it you cannot readily prove that that another party was negligent; and in some cases, the rider may be equally at fault; which could lead to any recovery being severely compromised.

If you have questions about motorcycle accidents, an experienced attorney can help.

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