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Vehicle break down leads to multiple collisions in Arizona

A stalled vehicle sparked a chain reaction car crash that left six people with injuries severe enough that they required hospitalization. Three of those victims had serious injuries, and all of the victims were teenagers.

The wreck involved three vehicles on U.S. 60 in Mesa, Arizona. The first vehicle involved stalled out on the freeway. As a result, an oncoming vehicle couldn’t avoid the broken-down vehicle, initiating the first wreck. Another vehicle somehow became involved in the crash after that.

Very few details have been released about the crash, but what is known is that all six of the people taken to the hospital were in the vehicle that broke down.

First of all, car accidents like this can become quite complicated from a legal standpoint. People are hurt and will have to pay medical bills. People will have to deal with their insurers and policies. Each individual collision that happened in this car accident must be traced back to the greater idea of “who is liable” for the wreck. The police need to investigate the crash fully and make an informed and definitive conclusion.

There are a lot of factors going on here, and we have only named a few. These factors get more complex as they intertwine and interact with each other. For example, how do multiple accidents affect insurance, and how will the companies respond to their clients? How will the results of the investigation play into the medical bills that the victims are dealing with?

Those who are prepared for these complex scenarios can get justice in the wake of a painful car accident, and the best way to prepare yourself is to consult an experienced personal injury attorney.

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