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Video camera catches harrowing drunk driving accident

Imagine you are driving down the road as safely as you can, when all of a sudden you are blindsided by another vehicle. You survive the wreck but spend a day in the hospital. Over the next few days you learn that a drunk driver struck you and that you weren’t the only victim of the negligent driver’s rampage. That driver had also caused another accident and sped away from the scene before striking you.

Given this context, you would do everything in your power to hold the drunk driver responsible for his or her actions. Anyone would. It’s a natural reaction to a painful situation that was caused by an irresponsible person.

This situation has confronted a mother of five in Phoenix after she was clipped in a parking lot by a drunk driver who was fleeing an earlier accident scene (that she caused). The incident was caught on tape and, amazingly, she survived the powerful impact. The drunk driver was arrested on DUI charges and it was discovered that her blood alcohol content was over 0.20, nearly three times the legal limit in Arizona.

The drunk woman was also charged with endangerment and aggravated assault.

Drunk driving accidents are usually terrible incidents that leave innocent people with serious injuries. These injuries can change a victim’s life forever or leave them debilitated for a long time, all because someone made a reckless choice. Holding the negligent person responsible for the physical and mental damage they have caused can be achieved with a personal injury lawsuit.

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