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What an attorney may ask about in an initial meeting

After a car accident, you likely want to focus on getting better and going home (if you were seriously injured). You may not be concerned about how to assert your legal rights just yet. But eventually you will want to meet with an attorney to get the process started; especially if the insurance company has been contacting you in an effort to reach a settlement.

When meeting with an attorney for the first time, chances are that he or she will want a bevy of information in order to get started. This post will help in preparing for such a meeting and give you some insight into why such information is needed.

Information about you – Your lawyer will want to develop a background file for you. So be prepared to answer questions about your employment status, what your salary is, whether you have children or are married, and whether you have experienced any emotional trauma since the accident.

Medical records – Also your attorney will need information about the extent of your injuries, including any surgeries you have undergone (or have been recommended to have), any rehabilitation regimens, as well as your prognosis for recovery. If you are dealing with continuous pain as a result of the accident, your lawyer will want to know that as well.

Your recollection of the crash – Indeed, there may have been a police report prepared, but it may not have fine details that only the people involved in the crash (and eyewitnesses) would know. Because of this, be prepared to describe the accident in your own words. If you cannot remember everything, that is okay.

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