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What car accident victims should do after a crash

Through many of our posts, we have described how people have been injured in accidents and provided helpful information to our readers who may find themselves in similar situations. We believe that this style of posting can help people even before they are in accidents. But what about those people who have just been involved in a crash?

As such, we offer the following helpful tips for those who are seeking information about what to do after being hurt in a car accident.

Go to the hospital – If the accident is serious (i.e. more than just a fender bender) chances are that an ambulance will arrive on the scene, and the paramedics may ask if you want to go to the hospital to get checked out. It is normally a good idea to go, mainly to eliminate potential ailments that could get worse without continual medical attention.

Collect as much evidence as you can – If you can, take pictures of the scene, including any skidmarks that may on the road. This may also include statements and information from eyewitnesses who saw the accident. It is also helpful to get the names and contact information of these people.

Create a journal – It is amazing how quickly your recollection of an accident can fade away or be replaced by other concerns. Because of this, it is helpful to write down everything you remember so that you can explain how it may have occurred in your own words. This also applies to any medical treatment you receive, as well as diagnoses.

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