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What if I was in a rollover accident?

Rollover accidents are perhaps the most dangerous types of car crashes. Not only are the passengers likely to be severely injured, but rollover crashes account for 33 percent of all fatalities. In other words, do not take this type of accident lightly because chances are high that you need the help of a personal injury lawyer who specializes in these types of cases.

Likely Injuries to Worry About

There are several injuries associated with this type of accident that include:

  • Broken bones or spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries or brain damage
  • Lacerations or even amputations
  • Disfigurement or paralysis

What you should take away from this information, though it does not cover all possibilities, is that these injuries can affect you for the rest of your life. It is vital to talk to a lawyer to ensure medical expenses are covered. Your livelihood should also be covered as long as it needs to be.

Avenues That the Lawyer can Take

Rollover accidents can be caused by several different things, which makes these cases complicated. You do not want to be represented by someone who is inexperienced. An experienced personal injury lawyer can take many avenues to get those injured all the help they deserve.

The Driver Might be at Fault

It might not be the easiest thing to accept, but passengers might have to sue the driver if there was some negligence on his or her part. This might be a friend of the family, but you cannot be expected to carry the entire cost of your care on your own.

Calling a lawyer to deal with this aspect might make the entire situation a little easier because the lawyer will act like a buffer zone to keep things between you and the driver as amicable as possible.

Going After the Car Manufacturer

The vehicle’s design has a lot to do with its overall stability. Cars with a high center gravity like some SUV are prone to rollovers as opposed to shorter vehicles. This is something that a manufacturer should compensate for, but some do not.

A good lawyer can investigate, and find out if a flaw in the design might have contributed to the rollover and your injuries. Keep in mind that going after a car manufacturer means going after expert lawyers, so it is not something that you want to undertake with an inexperienced personal injury firm.

The City Might be at Fault

It might not be common knowledge, but maintaining the overall safety of the road is the city’s responsibility. This is one reason why they use your taxes for infrastructure improvements.

A lawyer might need to investigate the condition of the road to see if it contributed to the rollover accident. Cracks could have forced a blowout or made a driver lose control. Cracks are not the only thing that lawyers are looking for, which makes taking a picture of the accident scene crucial. Calling the lawyer as soon as the accident occurs helps this process move along smoothly.

A Mechanic’s Issue

It may be possible that the accident could be traced back to a mechanic’s poor workmanship.

It could be that the breaks did not work as they should because the mechanic did a poor job, or the tires blew out due to some type of negligence. This does require an investigation, but it also may be possible to recover something by pursuing the negligent mechanic.

Keep in mind that you may need to provide receipts regarding recent work the car might have had. So keep all documents in order. Talk to your lawyer, and be as open as you can to speed up the process of finding everyone responsible.

These are just some of the options that a personal injury lawyer has in order to find those responsible and have them pay for medical expenses, lost wages, or anything else that you might need after a rollover accident. Of course, talking to your lawyer about your particular situation will give you a more precise answer regarding how a lawyer intends to proceed with your case.

The Lamber Goodnow legal team, together with its partner personal injury law firm in Chicago, are well-versed in rollover accident cases. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers never charge a fee, unless we win your case. Get a risk free consultation today.

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