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What if the cause of a traffic accident is not clear?

As if being involved in a car accident is not stressful enough on its own, some drivers find it’s nearly impossible to determine the precise cause of an accident. This is difficult for many drivers, because they often want to pursue legal avenues that allow them to claim damages and other means to help pay medical bills and lost wages from being out of work as a result of the accident. Most people are able to determine right away what happened in an accident. They were following too closely and rear-ended someone as a result of not slowing down in time. They hit someone as they turned because they failed to wait until they had enough time to safely turn. They ran someone off the road speeding, ran a red light, ran a stop sign, didn’t follow the law, or they were under the influence.

Most people are able to determine who is to blame and what is behind a car accident. It’s seldom a car accident cause cannot be determined. If you find yourself unable to figure out what happened, you are one of the very few people unable to determine how an accident occurred. If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is contact an attorney right away. You do have options.

What Happens if You Can’t Tell?

It might not seem like a big deal, but it is. If you live in a no-fault state, it really doesn’t matter who or what caused an accident. Your own insurance is going to cover the cost of the accident, the repairs, and your medical bills. Unless you are badly injured and unable to heal from your injuries, there’s few legal ramifications for the at-fault driver. If you cannot find an at-fault driver, it doesn’t matter as much. If you live in a state where fault is issued and that person’s insurance is required to cover the costs of an accident, you need to know who caused it.

This is the person whose insurance is responsible for repairing the vehicles involved in an accident. This is the person whose insurance should go up as a result of the accident. If no driver is blamed for the accident, your insurance rates might rise to cover the cost of your premium. It might also affect the status of your future coverage. You might also find it difficult to seek damages for the accident. If you are badly injured an unable to seek damages because no one is at fault for the accident, it might affect your financial future in a way you cannot afford to have it affected.

What to Do Next

If you are involved in an accident and it’s not easy to determine who is at-fault, the best thing you can do is contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in car accidents. An attorney has a team of people who can reconstruct the accident professionally to best determine who is at-fault. This is best done as quickly as possible following the actual accident.

It’s not easy to blame someone for an accident if it’s not clear what happened. What an attorney will advise you to do is take any help you can get. Ask witnesses if they saw anything. Take the report the officers who arrive on-scene offer and read it thoroughly. See if you can find out if the driver was doing something they were not supposed to be doing, such as texting and driving when they hit you. Sometimes you can prove the other driver is to blame by figuring out what it is they were doing when they were involved in the accident. Sometimes it’s as little as a minor mention of a text message or the idea of someone being on the phone that can determine their liability for the accident that just happened.

If you call an attorney as soon as you are involved in an accident, they can get their people on the job as quickly as possible. Your financial and medical future depend on what you can do from this point forward. You might not be able to find fault right away, but the attorney can help you do just that by reconstructing an accident. They employ teams of professionals who know how to do this correctly, and this enables them to help you make the most of your case. Your financial future depends on how quickly you can get an attorney’s office to reconstruct an accident and find fault where it is due. Don’t let someone else cause you to suffer when they’re to blame for your accident but won’t take the blame where it’s due. No one wants to be blamed, but you can find fault.

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