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Why PTSD is important in car accident awards

While we applaud Tracy Morgan’s settlement with Wal-Mart after many months of posturing and negotiations, we also understand that he still has a ways to go in his recovery. For those who may not remember, Morgan spent a few weeks in the hospital before going to a rehabilitation facility for additional treatment.

But as his physical injuries continue to heal, Morgan still has emotional injuries to deal with. During his interview on the Today show a couple of weeks ago, he explained how he still misses his friend, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair and still can’t believe that he is gone. He also explained how he still has good days and bad days, and was reluctant to explain his difficulties to his fiancée.

While we are not psychologists, these episodes could be indicative of post traumatic stress disorder; a neurological condition that occurs after a particularly traumatic event. Symptoms may include severe anxiety (where a person may be unusually jumpy or react strongly to particular triggers), and depression (from believing that they can’t continue with life because of their injuries or not being able to deal with the loss of a loved one).

There is medical research indicating that a traumatic brain injury could lead to PTSD. This is an important consideration when calculating damages for a personal injury award. Essentially, the changes in a person’s quality of life could be considered when calculating these damages.

If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

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