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Woman flees scene of boyfriend’s death after car accident

The lives of two 20-year-old Phoenix residents were changed forever this past weekend after an unfortunate accident killed one of them and left the other in handcuffs. The accident occurred at some point during the early morning hours of Saturday, and alcohol is believed to be involved.

The two 20-year-olds were boyfriend and girlfriend, and they were driving home from a party. According to police, the two got into a fight and the boyfriend got out of the car. His girlfriend told police that she then went looking for her boyfriend but she had her cellphone out. As she looked at it, she says she hit something — but she thought it was a pole or other object, not her boyfriend.

As it turns out, she did strike her boyfriend, killing him. She then left the scene, and when the police took her into custody, she admitted she had been drinking the night of the accident.

Could this truly be an “accident?” Yes. Is it likely that there is more to the story? Yes. But the main point of this wreck is that it wraps together so many negligent acts into one incident — and these acts happen every day in Phoenix, across the state of Arizona and all around the country.

Drunk driving, texting while driving and fleeing the scene of an accident are three of the worst things you can do out on the road. They are all irresponsible and reckless acts that put the driver’s life and the wellbeing of others on the road in jeopardy. Hopefully someday in the future we can curb or outright prevent these types of incidents.

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