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Wrong-way driver arrested after causing car accident

When out on the freeway, cautious drivers always check the usual: blind-spot, upcoming traffic and rearview mirror. It’s hard to believe that drivers could be coming from the opposite direction in a one-way lane, however, impaired drivers are more likely to commit such actions. An incident like this happened recently on Phoenix’s Loop 202, where a wrong-way driver’s inattention caused a car accident.

Around 10 p.m. on a recent Tuesday evening, a 911 call was placed, reporting a wrong-way driver on Loop 202. Vehicles on this road reach speeds well into 70 mph, and because of accident occurred late in the evening, visibility was reduced. Only a few minutes later after the 911 call was placed, the wrong-way driver crashed into another vehicle causing serious injury to another driver. According to police, they believe the driver was drunk at the time of the accident. The suspect was arrested after the crash and reportedly has a previous record for extreme DUI in 2004.

There will be a full investigation into the accident to determine the exact cause. Depending on the investigation results, the wrong-way driver may be held financially responsible for the victim’s injuries, if the victim decides to file a personal injury lawsuit.

When traveling at freeway speeds, the aftermath of a head-on crash can be devastating. A victim who is injured by the negligence of another driver should not have to suffer financially from expensive medical bills. In time, the details involving the exact cause of this crash will surface, and hopefully bring some closure to the victim.

Source: FOX 10, “Wrong-way driver arrested after crash on Loop 202,” FOX 10 News Staff, July 17, 2014

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