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Article: What happens if a doctor says I’ll never fully recover from my car accident?, Car Accidents

What happens if a doctor says I’ll never fully recover from my car accident?

Car accidents are devastating. Drivers who are hit by someone else aren’t expecting to get into their car and find their entire world change in one day. When drivers get behind the wheel of their car, they expect to make it where they’re going without issue. They expect to find themselves where they want to go without any issues, and they expect to find themselves in good hands when they arrive. What they don’t expect is someone else to cause an accident. Whether it’s serious or minor, an accident can change your life. When an accident is serious and causes injuries, it becomes even more complicated.

The first thing to do is to seek medical assistance. Accident injuries can look minor and be serious, and vice versa. It’s always best to seek medical treatment to eliminate the risk of further injury if you’re unaware you were injured in the first place. If your injuries are serious, you’ll want to know more about your prognosis. While many people are injured in a minor way and end up going home after a few hours or days without any permanent damage, it’s not always the case. If your doctor tells you that you’re not going to fully recover from your injuries at all, your injuries are considered catastrophic. This is dangerous, damaging, and it’s devastating. What do you do when an accident caused life-changing injuries you must live with the rest of your life?

The Risk of Permanent Injuries

Most injuries are easily healed and recovered from, even when they’re serious. Broken bones, for instance, usually heal over time and allow you to regain full use of your body after a few months. When an accident causes serious injuries that change the way you live because you never recover, several things might happen.

– Loss of income because of a job loss
– Medical bills for the rest of your life
– Loss of quality of life
– Loss of ability to earn income

Injuries that cause you significant time in the hospital can cost you income. You might not lose your job, but you might not get paid for the time you are required to take off work to recover from your injuries. If your income is vital to the wellbeing of your family and household, this is a devastating loss. If you are injured so severely you cannot return to work, you lose your job. Losing your job means losing your income completely. If your injury is one from which you will never recover, it becomes even more dangerous in terms of your ability to work in the future. If you cannot get a job working because your injury requires so much time in the hospital or so much medication, you end up without the ability to earn. Now you have no job, probably no more insurance, and you have medical bills to pay that keep showing up in the mail after visits to the doctor.

Call An Attorney

If you never recover from your injuries and your doctor tells you this, it’s time to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver to find out what you’re entitled to. Injuries like this are caused by someone else and you are owed damages. These damages can cover the cost of medical bills the rest of your life, the loss of income you experienced as a result of your injuries, and they can make your life a lot more positive than it was when you first got the news.

You can seek damages for your injuries since the accident, and for the rest of your life. This includes any medical care you’ll need the rest of your life, from your hospital stays to a special facility where you might need to live or care you need at home. You also get damages for the work you lost and your inability to work again.

If you’re involved in an accident caused by someone else, call an attorney. If your doctor tells you the injuries you sustained are not something from which you will ever recover, there is no time to wait to file a lawsuit. Don’t accept the settlement offer from the other driver’s insurance company. Call an experienced attorney with years of legal experience in the industry. This is going to allow you to begin looking for evidence, reviewing medical records and accident reports, and it’s going to allow you to find financial security sooner rather than later. Never recovering doesn’t mean suffering forever in terms of your finances. Let an attorney help you find the damages you’re entitled to when someone else causes your injuries. Your quality of life will change, but not always for the worst.

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