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Apple Watch Technology Ups the Game for Injury Practice

Apple WatchesWhen most think of the practice of law, courtrooms, litigation and paper-pushing come to mind.  This is not the case for our plaintiff personal injury practice.

Through the use of iPads, Google Glass, FitBits, Android Wear smart watches, and now the recent Apple Watch, we can communicate with our clients at lightning speed and provide improved client service.  In addition to rapid response to clients, the use of the latest technology assists our clients by maintaining their health and well-being.  For example, we loaned current client Betsy Martinez an Apple Watch.  Martinez was involved in a motor vehicle incident that resulted in significant brain injury.  The Apple Watch loaned to Betsy allows her to communicate with us about her case and also improve her quality of life.

The Apple Watch allows us to reach out and digitally tap someone.  The Apple Watch includes groundbreaking technology called Digital Touch that allows for personal Apple Watch-to-Apple Watch communication translated to literal taps on the wearers wrist.  This allows our clients to communicate in ways not possible via traditional means like email.  “The Apple Watch is a game changer,” says team Practice Group Manager Andy Clawson.  “The speed of the communication is simply remarkable, and it allows us to stay in contact with clients in a completely new way that has a more authentic, personal feel.”  The Digital Touch feature acts as a ‘high level’ alert to members of the legal team — meaning the client needs to get in touch with a team member immediately.  “Different from a smart phone, which has so many alerts and notifications that it can at times be overwhelming, our team reserves Digital Touch communication for clients,” Clawson adds.

Our team members also utilize the Apple Watch and FitBit for biofeedback purposes.  The feedback helps team members control stress levels, monitor heart rate and stay healthy.  “The FitBit I’m wearing is simply amazing,” says team member Jenny Pulliam.  “I’m able to track stressful situations and come up with ways to work through them,” notes Pulliam.  Ann Strickler adds, “it’s not just the features; it’s the fact that it puts keeping stress lower and wellness into the forefront of our minds, and that in and of itself is helpful.”

In addition to smart watches, we have also used both iPads and Google Glass in our practice.  Both products allowed clients and team members to communicate more efficiently and effectively.  We were featured with our double-amputee client Gary Verrazono on news stories across the nation for our innovative use of Google Glass.

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