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Are There Advantages to Hiring a Lawyer Near Me?

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If you are dealing with a challenging legal issue involving an accident in which you were injured and not at fault, you likely won’t need to search for an attorney in an area from where you live. There are likely numerous qualified and competent Arizona attorneys who practice in your city. A lawyer who practices in your community will be easier to access, will have a thorough knowledge of the local rules and court procedures, and will likely have developed relationships with the other attorneys and court personnel who might be involved in your case. Retaining a lawyer who has multiple connections to others in your community can help your attorney tailor your case to the temperaments of others involved in your case and help to avoid potential missteps. Here are some advantages of hiring a lawyer near me from the attorneys at Lamber Goodnow.

1. A Local Attorney Might Be Familiar With Where Your Accident Occurred

When you hire a local attorney to handle your accident case, they might be familiar with the area in which your accident occurred. Knowledge of the area might help your attorney better understand the facts of what happened.

For example, if you were injured in a car accident at an intersection that is known for being dangerous because of visual obstructions, your attorney’s knowledge of this fact might help them to know how to tailor the investigation and identify all potentially liable parties. In that type of situation, both the at-fault driver and the entities responsible for designing the road or correcting visual obstructions might be responsible for paying damages to you.

When your attorney lives in your community, it can also make it simpler for them to visit the accident scene to take photographs and gather additional evidence and other information about your accident that could help your case.

2. Local Attorneys Might Be More Familiar With Local Law Enforcement Practices

If your accident was investigated by the police, having a local attorney who understands the practices that local law enforcement agencies use can be helpful. Your attorney might know the types of steps local officers take when they respond to accidents and investigate what happened. They might also understand when the accident report might be ready and where you can go to retrieve it. Knowing the practices of local law enforcement agencies can also be helpful when evaluating the accident reports to determine their thoroughness and whether mistakes might have been made.

Since insurance adjusters strongly rely on police reports when determining liability, understanding how officers create these reports and whether they tend to make mistakes or omissions when writing them can be important when you pursue your claim.

3. A Local Attorney Might Know Doctors and Treatment Facilities in Your Area

Some doctors refuse to treat accident victims when a personal injury claim might be involved. This is sometimes because some doctors hesitate to get involved in a potential lawsuit since they might be called to testify. Other doctors refuse because their offices might not be set up to bill auto insurers for medical expenses. When you have been injured and need treatment, it can be frustrating to find that some doctors and treatment facilities might refuse to treat you.

When you have a local attorney, they might know different types of doctors and facilities who are willing to treat accident victims. Your lawyer might be able to provide you with a list of healthcare professionals who will agree to treat your injuries and provide the care that you need. In some cases, a doctor might agree to wait for payment for your medical services until your accident case is over.

4. A Local Attorney Might Know the Best Ways to Get Medical Records

While all medical providers and facilities are required to follow the privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), they might have varying requirements for how you can request and obtain copies of your medical records. In personal injury claims, getting your medical records is important since the value of your claim will largely depend on the severity of your injuries and the likelihood that you will fully recover.

Some facilities might charge different copying fees or have varying timelines for when your records might be ready. An attorney who practices in your community will likely know the different rules and practices different medical offices and facilities have for obtaining your medical records. This might help you to get the relevant records for your injury claim must more easily and quickly so that they can be reviewed by your attorney and any medical experts who might be working on your case.

5. Hiring a Local Attorney Provides More Access

When you hire an attorney to represent you in your injury case, you will need to work together for months. Your attorney might need you to review various documents while your case is pending and approve them. If your lawyer is local, it might be much easier for you to go to their office to review documents and consider potential settlement offers than if you instead hire a lawyer whose office is located far away. Having a local attorney might also allow you to get to know others who are helping on your case, including paralegals and legal assistants.

6. Local Attorneys Might Know Others Who Might Be Involved in Your Case

When an attorney regularly practices in a specific city, they likely get to know the various members of the defense bar, insurance representatives, and others who might be involved in your case. Knowing the other players might help your attorney anticipate potential defenses they might raise and the tactics the insurance company might use. Your attorney can then advise you about what to expect from the insurance company and defense lawyer involved in your case and whether they are likely to offer a fair settlement or if you might have to file a formal lawsuit to secure the compensation you deserve.

If your case ends up going through the litigation process, a local attorney might also know the different judges and court staff who might be involved as well as the local court rules and procedures. All of this type of knowledge can help your attorney build the strongest possible case and ensure that it is filed and litigated properly.

While it might not seem as important as these other factors, a local attorney might also be familiar with the different courthouses in your area where your case might be heard. They might be able to provide you with information about little things like where to park and how to pay for parking. While relatively unimportant, these types of details can help to reduce the stress you might experience when your case proceeds through court.

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