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Car accident demonstration at Phoenix high school sends message

Teen drivers exist in a difficult environment. The dangers of driving don’t change as you get older — an accident could happen at any moment, whether you’re a good or bad driver. However, even with the constant threat the road presents, teen drivers are inherently at a disadvantage. They have little to no experience, and they have to endure these dangers of the road while they gain this experience.

It is no surprise then that car accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers.

The other side of the coin here is that teenage drivers, though inherently inexperienced, can also be inherently negligent. They can be brash or make silly mistakes, as young people who are learning about the world are wont to do. We’ve all been through it. But, in the context of driving, it can lead to dangerous circumstances, like texting accidents, drunk accidents or distracted accidents.

A local high school is doing its part to show their students just how devastating an accident can be that is caused by a negligent driver. The high school performed a live (and controlled) car accident, showing thousands of students what happens when cars collide and the resulting response by emergency personnel.

Will the scare tactic work? It’s tough to say, but clearly there needs to be a major movement to improve driving education and teen driving safety. With cellphones becoming the social norm and texting while driving remaining a major traffic concern, we need to better protect our young drivers (and the people they share the road with).

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