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Congratulations To Our 2019 Summer Scholarship Winners!

The Lamber Goodnow legal team is proud to announce this year’s winners of the Lamber Goodnow Education Summer Scholarships!

Summer College Scholarship                                   

James Bowden

After being introduced to molecular biology in the seventh grade, James Bowden believes that his life’s calling may involve finding a cure for cancer. This summer, he’s spent almost 60 hours a week studying the mechanism behind ALT cancer, which afflicts 15% of all cancer patients and currently has ZERO treatment options. This fall, James starts at Caltech where’s he trying to decide if he should work on designing antibodies and T-cells that can combat HIV’s constantly mutating spikes – or perhaps using genetic circuits and DNA computation to control cells like silicon computers!

Summer Law School Scholarship

Tara Soleil Black

Tara Soleil Black, JD candidate, Class of 2022, Charleston School of Law, envisions becoming a lawyer working diligently to ensure civil rights, gay rights, and human rights for all Americans – inspired by her daughter and groups in South Carolina that have discriminated against LGBTQ individuals. Inspired by the power of courts and the power of law to give justice to those who have not known it before, she’s entering law school to create equality through law.

Congratulations again to our honored finalists, and many thanks to everyone who entered our summer scholarships program this year. We truly believe that knowledge equals power, and encourage you to continue pursuing your education goals.

For more information about our next round of scholarship opportunities, please visit the Lamber Goodnow Injury Law Team Education Scholarships page.


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