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Congratulations To Our 2020 Summer Scholarship Winners!

The Lamber Goodnow legal team is proud to announce this year’s winners of the Summer Scholarships Program!

Summer College Scholarship                                   

Grace Schuler

Grace Schuler is 19-years-old and a student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and will graduate from their five-year co-op program in May of 2024. She is currently studying hospitality management with the goal of learning how to develop events that can improve the lives of others, as well as opening her own event planning company. Grace developed a free public speaking training program for low-income middle school students called “Speak Out for ‘Tweens!” The goal for all participants is to walk away more confident, and more articulate – and to enjoy, not fear public speaking. The program also helps students with financial needs earn speech scholarships to the school of their choice. The program has been so successful that it has now been modified for adults, helping others find their voice when they believed they did not have one.  

Summer Law School Scholarship

Breanna Pogue

JD Candidate, Class of 2023

University of San Francisco School of Law

Breanna Pogue is starting her first year of law school at USF School of Law. Raised with the shame of poverty, her goal in pursuing a career in law is to create a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Coming from a family that includes survivors of the Cambodian genocide, she has persevered through many difficulties and hardships and has emerged as a determined, resilient person. She volunteers with groups providing assistance to refugees through the Cambodian Buddhist community. While in college at Cal Poly, she also volunteered her time at local schools in helping newly arrived immigrant children learn to read. These experiences also fueled her interests in working with immigrants and refugees. As someone with firsthand knowledge about the trauma of the refugee experience, and with a passion to give back to the community, she is well-positioned to study and one day work as an attorney in the immigration law field.

Now, more than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated the need for continuing education, and bold new ideas in an age of disruption. In many areas, remote learning technologies have replaced traditional classroom learning models, and this fall, many students will experience hybrid models combing some in-person courses, along with online courses. Throughout these times of massive change, we congratulate our honored finalists who had the courage to persevere under unprecedented circumstances. And many thanks to everyone who entered our summer scholarships program in 2020, a year truly for the history books.

For more information about our next round of scholarship opportunities with a deadline of December 1, 2020, please visit the Lamber Goodnow Injury Law Team Education Scholarships page.

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