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Fatal car accident in Glendale caused by red light runner

Glendale, Arizona was the site of a car accident that involved three vehicles — one of which was driven by a man who ran a red light. The intersection where the crash occurred was closed for nearly six hours as a result of the collision.

According to police, two cars were traveling east and side by side as they entered the intersection. Another vehicle, traveling north, drove through a red light and struck one of the eastbound vehicles, which then hit the third vehicle right beside it. The vehicle that was initially struck had three people inside, and all of them required hospitalization. However, only one survived. Two elderly people (a married couple) suffered fatal injuries.

The negligent driver that caused the crash was treated at the scene of the wreck, as were two people in the third vehicle involved. Police are trying to figure out if the red light runner was also speeding in the build-up to the crash.

Even if he wasn’t, this is still a tragic incident that shouldn’t have happened. The driver’s disregard for the rules of the road — and the safety of others — led to two people losing their lives. If (and likely when) the driver’s guilt is proven, he could be held liable in civil court as well for the wrongful death of two people.

Running a red light happens all the time, and many times, it results in a serious car crash that causes numerous people to suffer severe injuries. This harm can be cited in a civil lawsuit, which could help you earn needed compensation to pay for medical bills.

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