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How bicyclists can avoid accidents

While most of the country grapples with the throes of winter, we in Arizona are enjoying another mild winter. Temperatures are seasonably warm, spring training will be here in a month, and the sports world will be focusing on the Super Bowl here next week. There is a lot to be grateful here during the “winter.”

Part of the enjoyable winter months is being able to go on bike rides in parks and on residential streets. However, riders have to deal with their own set of hazards. After all, we have written before on how pedestrians and bicyclists can be in danger if they are not careful. Even more frightening, the number of people killed in bicycle accidents continues to grow, as it has increased considerably over the last four years. :

With that, bicyclists should take heed of the following tips so that they can avoid being in an accident.

Obey the rules of the road – Indeed, sharing the road is beneficial to riders and drivers alike. The best way to share is to signal one’s turns, ride with the flow of traffic and avoid crossing into the paths of vehicles.

Avoid alcohol consumption – The public service announcement may be directed towards drivers, but bicyclists need to avoid riding while intoxicated. After all, alcohol not only affects balance, but judgment as well.  

Keep your helmet on – As we have said before, arguably most effective way to survive an accident is to wear a helmet. So even if you are taking a short trip, protecting your head should be a priority.


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