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How to avoid holiday accident hazards

We hope that our readers are enjoying the holiday season and all that it brings. It is certainly a time to be cheerful while spending time with loved ones. However, the season is not without its hazards, and scores of people across the Phoenix metro area are injured in the midst of putting up holiday decorations, by defective products and a host of other maladies. Through this post, we will identify some of the most common hazards and give some tips on how to avoid being hurt.

Be careful with your Christmas tree – It is fairly common for consumers to have Christmas trees in their homes, but those twinkly and angelic symbols of the season can be just as dangerous as they are beautiful. With that said, consumers should be very careful when trying to put the star or angel at the top of the tree. Make sure the tree is properly secured at the base and use a ladder to get to the top of the tree.

Make sure those new pajamas are not flammable – If you receive night clothes for your child as a gift, be certain to check if they are flame retardant (or flame resistant). According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), children’s sleepwear must be able to resist a flame for at least three seconds.

Keep mistletoe out of reach of small children – Indeed, mistletoe is cute and can make for special moments for adults, but they are potentially harmful to children. The plant can be poisonous and the berries can cause hallucinations and slow a person’s heart rate.

Choose appropriate toys for children – While the CPSC requires labels on all toys sold for young children (e.g. choking hazard labels), it is good to choose toys that are suitable for the child’s age.

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