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Home 9 Scholarships 9 The Lamber Goodnow Legal Team is Proud to Announce the Winners of our December 2016 Education Scholarships!

The Lamber Goodnow Legal Team is Proud to Announce the Winners of our December 2016 Education Scholarships!

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In the Spirit of Our Team, Here’s To Dreaming Big — Knowledge Equals Power — and Never Stop Learning

College Scholarship                        Two $1,000 Scholarship Awards

Krupali Patel (not pictured): Patel is a National Merit Scholar from Windermere, FL slated to graduate from high school this spring. After being afflicted by mental illness, Patel founded an innovative program entitled “Connect to Protect” in which students in the Orlando community are able to come together and hold meetings on how to decrease the stigma of mental illness.

Catalin Harabagiu: Harabagiu is a freshman studying engineering at Purdue University. Long-term, Catalin’s goal is to work in various areas of engineering, take different roles from design to execution, and later become an expert who leads a team of technicians, guiding his team to innovations and growth.  He also wants to learn and also teach others, because he wants to make a difference. He wants to design and invent things that will make an impact on the world.

Nursing Scholarship                       One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Lindsay J. Royer: Royer is a nurse working in an emergency and critical care unit in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Royer loves being able to help people who have suffered accidents or health issues requiring medical attention.  When not working at the hospital E.R., she teaches CPR and first aid courses to school teachers, first responders and senior citizens.  She wants to get her Master’s degree and become a nurse practitioner because there is a growing shortage of medical doctors and care givers.  This is especially true in rural and impoverished areas.  As a nurse practitioner with Royer’s experience, she will be able to manage a rural clinic and replace a physician in areas of the country and in areas of medical treatment where shortages are occurring.    

Law School Scholarship                                One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Lauren Knoke: Knoke graduated magna cum laude from the George Washington University in May of 2015, and is currently a paralegal at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy in New York City (In the process of applying to law schools for the Fall of 2017). Working collaboratively with incarcerated offenders, post-release juvenile delinquents, police officers, and criminal and civil law lawyers, while simultaneously taking a wide range of criminal justice classes has broadened her understanding of our justice system and confirmed her passion to practice law in the future. She believes that I have the desire and motivation to truly make an impact on people’s lives through quality legal support upon graduating from law school.

Medical School Scholarship                        One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Sivaraman Kannan Iyer: MD candidate, class of 2019 at Texas Tech University HSC, Iyer learned early from her Indian parents the power of communication in a clinic and places great importance in the importance of deep physician-patient relationships in her desire to become a physician.

Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist Scholarship               One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Mikayla Paluzzi-Tate: Paluzzi-Tate will be begin the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Wingate University this month. Her goal is creating a unified support team for the patient and keeping the patient focused on his/her goals or altering his/her goals is going beyond the normal, expected duties of a physical therapist.  Nevertheless, she believes both of those things are essential in creating the best possible journey through recovery for the patient and his/her loved ones and she is truly excited to begin her physical therapy career.

Windy City College Scholarship                One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Breanna Wiskari: Wiskari is currently attending College of DuPage, where she will receive her associates by the end of this fiscal year. She has been doing this off of financial aid and working a student job at the school in my free time. After this year, she will attend Illinois State University to study English, in pursuit of a future career in Library Science.

Windy City Law School Scholarship                        One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Jared M. Costanzo
: By becoming a lawyer, Costanzo hopes to be a champion for LGBT students who experience discrimination in small towns, for higher education standards to ensure that his children and all children have access to a quality education, and for state financial aid programs, so students like himself can afford college, and even law school.

Congratulations to our finalists – and many thanks to all of the outstanding students who applied for education scholarships through our various programs. We wish you the very best in your continued quest for knowledge, learning, and growth. Please stay tuned for an announcement of changes to our 2017 scholarships program, and rest assured, if you have already applied for a 2017 Lamber Goodnow education scholarship, your application will remain in full consideration.





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