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Mother and child injured in rollover crash

Just like the best way for a motorcycle rider to survive a crash is to wear a helmet, arguably the best way to survive a rollover crash is wear a seatbelt. Countless studies have shown that a person is more likely to survive such a crash if they are not ejected from the vehicle. Simply put, it is better to be protected inside the shell of an automobile than to hit the ground, which can be unforgiving in a crash.

Unfortunately, this was the fate of a young child, as well as its mother after a rollover crash involving an SUV. According to report, the accident occurred on State Route 238 near the city of Maricopa. Authorities report that the SUV was part of a caravan that was heading from Maricopa to Rocky Point when allegedly swerved into the shoulder.

The driver turned suddenly to keep control of the vehicle, but over-corrected his turn; which caused the SUV to roll over. Of the seven people riding in the SUV only the mother and baby were not wearing seatbelts.

SUVs are notorious for their propensity to roll over if a driver swerves sharply. It is largely regarded as a design defect that has been corrected in most vehicles as SUVs have evolved. However, there are some vehicles that have not been updated. The report did not specify the make and model of the SUV, so it remains to be seen whether an investigation will reveal if the vehicle’s manufacturer could be held liable for the rollover.


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