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Multi-car accident leaves many questions

In a prior post, we highlighted how important it is for thorough accident investigations to be conducted so that the true cause of a crash may be determined. This is critical in assigning fault and can mean the difference between realizing a monetary award or being liable for paying for another person’s medical expenses and lost wages.

In a recent car accident in Chandler, an investigation will likely determine these things. According to an report, a multiple car crash occurred when a maroon car driving westbound on Ray Road drifted into eastbound lanes. The car then struck a Toyota pickup truck before crashing into a Chrysler car. Chandler police indicated that three people who were in the maroon car were seriously injured.

Two people who were riding in the Toyota, as well as the driver of the Chrysler, suffered minor injuries.

While the accident is still under investigation, police believe that alcohol impairment may have been a factor in the crash. However, it is also possible that excessive speed could have been the culprit. The posted speed in the area is 40 miles per hour. It is unclear how fast the maroon car was going.

But we do know that impairment by alcohol or drugs is a breach of the duty of reasonable care that is owed by every driver who gets behind the wheel of a car in Arizona. If in fact that was the case, the people injured by the offending driver could hold him liable and seek monetary compensation for their injuries.

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