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Safety tips for Arizona teens during prom season

If you have a teen driver in your family, chances are they are looking forward to the prom. Just like homecoming during the fall, it is a night to be flashy, glamorous and have a good time. While a majority of teens know how to have a good time while being responsible, every year there are stories of tragic car accidents linked to drinking and driving and distracted driving.

Because of this, teens and their parents must be cognizant of the dangers threatening everyone who goes to the prom. With that, this post will highlight some helpful tips that can keep teen drivers safe during prom season.

Know that drunk driving accidents can happen to you – It is obvious that teens believe that drunk driving is dangerous, and that they can be arrested; but they may also think that they won’t be involved in an accident. Knowing that they can be in a crash will help in making better choices.

Have a backup plan – If your date has been drinking, don’t get into the car with him or her. Instead, have a Plan B so that you can get home safely.

Stay off the road – Who says you always have to drive to the prom? Making an entrance by getting out of a limousine can be just as special. Even more important, riding in a limo reduces the risk of a distracted driving or drunken driving accident.

Wear your seatbelt – Not only is this the law in Arizona, wearing your seatbelt can save your life.

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