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School bus involved in accident that sends 6 to the hospital

Aguila, Arizona — which is located to the northwest of Phoenix — was the scene of a nasty collision between a school bus and a car. The school bus was carrying five children and the bus driver, while the car was carrying at least three people. Details about the wreck are unclear, as we still don’t know who was at fault.

Three children were injured and were hospitalized as a result. The three people in the car were also injured, and the driver was described as being seriously injured. Two helicopters were at the scene of the accident to provide airlift service to the hospital for the injured people. Now it is up to officials to determine what happened with this wreck.

The investigation will certainly take some time, as this is a delicate crash. The school bus driver will certainly be questioned and his history as a driver will be thoroughly examined. Police will also look at any clues or evidence that may be at the scene of the accident to try to determine if the driver of the other vehicle was distracted or negligent in any way.

This wreck is a scary realization for parents out there. We like to think that school buses have this protective bubble around them — that their huge presence and eye-catching yellow paint make them practically impervious to motor vehicle accidents. As this demonstrates, that is not case. School bus drivers need to be very careful, and other drivers on the road need to be especially careful when they are traveling near school buses.

Source:, “6 people hurt in car-school bus crash in Aguila,” Associated Press, May 22, 2014

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