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Should I go to the doctor if I’m only “a little sore?”

When you have been involved in any type of accident, it is important to seek immediate medical care. Even if you believe that your injuries are minor, or that it is just aches and pains associated with the stress of the situation. Having a medical evaluation immediately after an accident protects your health and your rights as an injury victim.

When A Headache Is More Than Just A Headache

It is typical of people to brush off minor aches and pains after an accident as being stress related or just minor bumps and bruises. But the truth is, even a minor event can lead to a major injury. A headache may be from a concussion or a brain injury. A sore neck could be whiplash or neck strain. The aching in one of your body parts could be a fracture, and the upset stomach you have may be an indication of internal bleeding or injuries.

As you can see, a medical exam right after an accident is very relevant to your overall good health. A doctor can examine you and determine if there are hidden injuries or serious problems that may not be noticeable at the scene. Your doctor can also indicate if there is potential for problems from the type of accident and injuries that are noticeable at the time. The doctor and other care providers will give you valuable information on what to look for in the event that there is more to your injuries than what you think at the current time.

Protecting Your Rights For Care

Even though insurance companies are required to provide you with initial medical care for injuries sustained in an accident for a week after the event, it is not uncommon for insurance providers to start declining treatment after 24 hours. It is their belief that anything over 24 hours could be related to an entirely different accident or situation, so they are very cautious about providing care.

To protect your rights to receive medical care, it is important that you go to the emergency room as soon as possible after the accident occurred. You are not required to go by ambulance, but you should have someone take you as soon as possible for a medical evaluation.

Do Not Give Any Statements At The Hospital

When you are being examined in the hospital, it is important that you give the doctors or the medical staff all of the information that they need to provide you with a thorough exam. Give them detailed information about your injuries, how they feel, and what you are experiencing.

However, if you are confronted by an insurance adjustor in the hospital, by phone or in person, refrain from giving any type of statement other than your name, personal information and any insurance information they require. You should wait to provide any detailed information about the accident or your injuries until you have legal representation.

When you are in the emergency room and in pain, you are not going to be fully aware of the situation or the questions being asked. You are going to be more concerned with the pain you are experiencing and the treatment you are receiving. Insurance adjustors know this, and they use this critical time to try to get information that can later be used against you when you file a claim.

Protect yourself by declining any interviews until you have left the hospital and have spoken to an attorney about your rights and your situation. You have the right to decline this interview until you are medically stable to participate in a meaningful way.

Speak To An Attorney

Once your injuries have been stabilized, you are encouraged to speak with an attorney about your accident. Your attorney can inform you of your rights as an injury victim and represent your case to the insurance company.

Your attorney will explain to you the types of compensation you are entitled to under state law and the terms of the insurance policy. They will also work aggressively on your behalf to make sure that you receive the medical care you need to make a full recovery and resive the benefits you are entitled to for your losses.

The most important thing you have is your health. Make sure that you always take the precautions necessary if you have been involved in an accident to protect your health by seeking immediate medical care. Even if the injuries seem minor, it is better to be positive that there is no underlying medical issues.

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