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Telltale signs of distress at the pool

With the summer heat in Arizona, nothing is better than a dip in the pool. Because of this, trips to water parks and backyard swim parties are common. But when you go to the water park or to someone’s home, it is important to know the dangers that these venues can bring.

Indeed, most people know that small children need to be supervised very carefully. However, older kids and some adults who are not strong swimmers must be monitored with equal vigilance. In fact, it is surprisingly easy, especially in a crowded pool, to lose track of someone who may be struggling in the water. A recent ABC report highlighted this difficulty; especially at a water park. Because of this, we highlight the following telltale signs of a person in distress.

Inability to scream or wave arms – You are probably used to seeing kids, and adults, frolic in the water while screaming and yelling. However, if a person is unable to scream or wave their arms, it is likely because they are struggling to stay above water.

Bobbing desperately – People who are not strong swimmers, especially kids, may be seen bobbing frantically as they try to reach the bottom of the pool so that they can propel themselves up to a safer place. If they can’t do so, they need to be rescued immediately.

Homeowners, like water park operators, have a duty to use reasonable care in supervising their pools. If they fail to use such care, and a person is injured as a result, the homeowner or water park owner could be held liable.

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