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What to expect in 2015 regarding car technology

As we begin 2015, there may be a greater level of excitement within the auto industry. Essentially, automakers will be removed from a disastrous 2014, where recalls ruled the year stemming from faulty ignition switches, airbags and even brakes. Additionally, 2015 marks another year where we will be closer to seeing self-driving cars on the road.

Basically, we are seeing precursors to driverless cars already, and the prospect of autonomous vehicles is sounding less like science fiction and more like reality. After all, there are a number of vehicles on the road with various crash avoidance systems such as automatic braking systems (which can apply the brakes to avoid a hazard in the event a driver does not see it) and blind spot warning systems that inform a driver when another vehicle may not be visible as a driver attempts to change lanes.

Essentially, cars are getting safer, but drivers may not be doing the same. It remains to be seen whether 2015 will have more crashes and deaths than 2014, but a few things remain constant.

First, drivers who do not have such technology in their vehicles may not be at such a disadvantage when it comes to avoiding accidents. After all, every driver in Arizona has the responsibility of using reasonable care when behind the wheel. This means that they must refrain from consuming large amounts of alcohol before driving, resist the urge the drive aggressively and stay off their cell phones while driving. Failing to do these things, could lead to liability in an accident.

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