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Yet again drag racing is involved in fatal Phoenix wreck

A fatal car accident in Phoenix, Arizona is believed to have been caused because people were drag racing. Witnesses said that two vehicles — an old Chevrolet pickup truck and a Nissan — were darting in and out of traffic and that they also ran a red light. Eventually the Nissan lost control and crashed into another vehicle which was being driven by a 30-year-old and was carrying his 14-year-old daughter.

The driver of the Nissan, described to be in his late teens or early 20s, was killed in the crash. The people in the vehicle that was struck by the Nissan will survive, but they were hospitalized with injuries that were not disclosed. Police are now hunting for the Chevy pickup that fled the scene, which is believed to be either a 1964 or 1965 Chevy pickup truck.

Sadly, this is now the second time in three weeks that drag racing has been associated with a fatal car accident in Phoenix. Someone died after two minors were drag racing a few weeks back, and both of the culprits were arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Clearly there is an emerging problem in the Phoenix area with speeding and drag racing. Innocent people on the road can suffer horrible injuries as a result of speeding. Their lives can be changed forever — if they are lucky enough to survive such a wreck. They may not be able to do the things they did prior to the wreck, or they may suffer psychologically from the wreck, suddenly having fear of driving or getting into a car.

This pain and suffering shouldn’t be swept under the rug, nor do you just have to “deal with it.” The negligent party or parties at fault for the wreck can be held responsible in civil court — as well as criminal court — for their actions.

Source: azcentral, “1 killed, 2 injured in south Phoenix crash,” Corina Vanek, April 14, 2014

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